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Hi, i am rachel. half you probably don't know who i am and for that reason this site will be of no intreste to you what so ever. but for the rest of you enjoy learning stuff about me you really don't care about. i mean if your reading the welcome message your about the only person i know that does, even i skip them. at the end of this you will most probably reailse what a waste of time it was, assuming that you aren't already on the edge of death. if i havn't already plunged you in to  severe depession preper yourself.Anyway, before you die of boredom i better say good bye, good luck and staying saine.

Please contact me. this is a desperate atmept to make more friends.

What's New?

i have know idea what they want me to type here so, i thought i would fill it with my deep thoughts....wait, there are none.


please contact me but don't complain about my inableilty to spell anything correctly.It's the asthma.

So many freaks, so little time!